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Anthony was recommended to me by a friend who was delighted with the treatment she received. Anthony first visited me at my home in August 2014, at the time I was suffering acute pain in my lower back, hips, groins, neck and shoulder's.


The first visit consisted of a full health questionaire which was in-depth, covering any previous illnesses or allergies. I was asked to describe the pain I was experiencing at the present time on a scale of 1-10, ten being the most painful. I explained it was the higher, he seemed to understand exactly what I was enduring then he very clearly and professionaly talked me through the treatment.


Anthony then asked me to lie down fully clothed, he then began with a Tui-na massage on my back and thighs also acupuncture on my back, I was totally relaxed and very comfortable with the whole experience. In total the procedure lasted about 45 to 50 minutes. I was told to take my time to get off the bed and to drink plenty of water. I could not believe the results off just the one treatment, my pain was almost gone the relief was overwhelming, my right groin which was the most painful of the two had totally gone. Anthony advised me about diet and exercise.


To this day I feel much better, I know I will not be cured but I see Anthony once every 6-8 weeks and he eases my pain so I can enjoy life again. Thanks Anthony.


Email: info@northwesttherapies.com


Tel: 07864 379151



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